Friday, August 3, 2007

Week One Stupidity

Apologies for the day delay but we've been running into some Blogger problems. Couple that with some otherworldly factors means that this week's submissions are getting posted Saturday instead of yesterday.

But first some housekeeping:

-Many people are IM'ing me their submissions. This would be all well and good, but it's been so fucking hot lately, my computer has taken to shutting down to cool itself off while I'm away at work. So if you want your brush with stupidity to be heard, email me:

Submitted By: Matt
Stupid Question: "What is Tuna Salad? Is that like Tuna fish?
- Overheard at Au Bon Pain-

Submitted By: Dave
Stupid Question: "Who is Anon?"
- Asked after noticing lots of quotes by "Anon." in the University Of Rhode Island yearbook-

Submitted By: Jay
Stupid Questions: "Huh?"
- In regards to this project - Editor's Note: Touche

*Celebrity Stupid Question!*
Asked By: Derek Zoolander
Stupid Question: "But why male models?"

Keep em coming friends. We all know this will really pick up in a few weeks once school starts and teachers call on that unfortunate raised hand lurking amongst the desks, but try to get in on the ground floor. Think of yourselves as early investors into Apple.... only with no chance at making any money.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

He Either Makes A Good Point, Or Proves Mine

From: Jason

Question: "What if, contrary to what you set out to do, nobody responds, thus proving that there is no such thing as a stupid question?"

Well, I'll always have this one.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What's The Deal Here?

A long, long time ago in a country far, far away, I was traveling with a group of fellow 16 year olds, when we got to the desert, ready to embark on a three day camping trip. Bear in mind, this wasn't one of those, 'Omigod, when we wake up, we'll be covered in dew', type of camping trips in the desert. This was more along the lines of a 'Omigod, if we don't cover our boots with socks overnight, scorpions will crawl into them and sting us in the morning', kind of camping adventure.

That in mind, as we're getting ready to embark and set up camp, someone in the back of our group pipes up and asks, 'Will we get a chance to do our laundry while we're here?'

Now, I'm no Bear Grylls (and even less so Les Stroud), but I'm pretty sure we weren't going to be able to find a bank of washer and dryers in the middle of the fucking desert and to the complete, polar opposite of my surprise, we did not.

This moment was always etched in my mind as the point I realized that there was such thing as a stupid question, despite being told otherwise my entire life. In fact, after further experience, I'm almost certain that the phrase There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question, was created by a sorority girl.

I know I'm not alone in witnessing widespread, unmocked stupidity every day (Hell, I'm not even immune to it myself. I did once ask my roommate how often Entertainment Weekly came.) So with this site, I hope to build the finest repository of real life stupid questions anywhere, and I need your help.

Every Friday, excluding July 27th, I will post a smattering of stupid questions that I have heard, and you have heard.

I'm counting on your submissions, so the moment you hear something dumb (excluding, "Will you send all of the dumb questions you hear to me?") email me at, with the question, your name and a brief context surrounding the question.

How To Make Submissions

Not unlike sheisty car salesmen, I work on commission submissions. It's (nearly) impossible for me to keep this site stocked with stupidity by myself, try as I might (read: hang out with adolescents, something that just gets creepier by the day.) This is where you come in.

Every Friday, I'd like to post a fresh batch of Stupid Questions.

Here's how you can help:

E-mail me at:

Tell me the dumb question, a brief contextual summary (read: what the fuck was going on when this question was going on), and your name.

Bam!, then you're in next week's post. And when you go and tell your friends you made it onto 'There Is Such Thing As A Stupid Question', they'll ask you what that means, and you have a fresh new question for next week. It's a cyclical thing.