Friday, August 3, 2007

Week One Stupidity

Apologies for the day delay but we've been running into some Blogger problems. Couple that with some otherworldly factors means that this week's submissions are getting posted Saturday instead of yesterday.

But first some housekeeping:

-Many people are IM'ing me their submissions. This would be all well and good, but it's been so fucking hot lately, my computer has taken to shutting down to cool itself off while I'm away at work. So if you want your brush with stupidity to be heard, email me:

Submitted By: Matt
Stupid Question: "What is Tuna Salad? Is that like Tuna fish?
- Overheard at Au Bon Pain-

Submitted By: Dave
Stupid Question: "Who is Anon?"
- Asked after noticing lots of quotes by "Anon." in the University Of Rhode Island yearbook-

Submitted By: Jay
Stupid Questions: "Huh?"
- In regards to this project - Editor's Note: Touche

*Celebrity Stupid Question!*
Asked By: Derek Zoolander
Stupid Question: "But why male models?"

Keep em coming friends. We all know this will really pick up in a few weeks once school starts and teachers call on that unfortunate raised hand lurking amongst the desks, but try to get in on the ground floor. Think of yourselves as early investors into Apple.... only with no chance at making any money.

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